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Most people are unaware of the role and importance of magnesium in the functioning of the organism. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals and is essential for good health. Experts have determined that the recommended daily dose of magnesium for adults is 375 mg. The amount of an element as important as magnesium is carefully regulated by the body. If cells begin to lack magnesium, the body replaces it from its own stores – from the bones and the liver. If the balance of magnesium is negative, the following general signs of deficiency quickly become apparent: constipation, loss of appetite, feeling unwell, fatigue, low energy, muscle spasms, pins and needles, irritability, sleep disorders, headaches, poor concentration and psychological changes.

Donat Mg mineral water is a balm for body, heart and the vascular system. This guide contains instructions for drinking in various circumstances, such as constipation, heartburn, and it strengthens heart and circulatory system. Read through all benefits of Donat Mg mineral water for your health.

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Mineralna voda Donat Mg je balzam za telo, srce in ožilje. Priročnik vsebuje navodila za pitje v različnih primerih, kot so zaprtje, zgaga, krepitev srca in ožilja. Preglejte vse prednosti mineralne vode Donat Mg za vaše zdravje.

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Das Mineral Wasser Donat Mg ist ein Balsam für Körper, Herz und Blutgefäße. Der Ratgeber enthält Anleitungen zum Trinken in verschiedenen Fällen, wie bei Verstopfung, Sodbrennen und bei der Kräftigung von Herz und lutgefäßen. Lesen Sie sich alle Vorteile des Mineralwassers Donat Mg für ihre Gesundheit durch.

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L’acuqa minerale Donat Mg è un toccasano per il nostro corpo, cuore e sistema cardiovascolare. Il manuale contiene istruzioni per una cura idropinica nei casi di indegistione e bruciore di stomaco o per tonificare il sistema cardiovascolare.

Подпишитесь на рассылку и получите бесплатное руководство: «Донат Мг – Водная питьевая терапия». Минеральная вода «Донат Мг» — это бальзам для тела, сердца и сосудов. В руководстве содержатся инструкции по питью в различных случаях, таких как: запор, изжога, укрепление сердца и сосудов. Ознакомьтесь со всеми преимущества минеральной воды «Донат Мг» для вашего здоровья.